Diets don’t work. There I said it – but deep down, you knew it too.

Your First 30 is a new program designed to get you healthy the right way…

I mean seriously, you’ve tried nutrition challenges, detoxes, and crash diets without seeing lasting results.

What if, instead of seeing “Day 30” as an end date, you saw it as the REAL first day of your journey towards getting healthy… for good?

Your First 30 is a new program designed to enable individuals to start getting healthy the right way… the balanced way.

There’s no calorie counting, macro tracking, dietary restrictions or special food to buy.

Just real people, learning about their relationship with food and changing their perception of what getting… and staying healthy… looks like.

Are you ready to start YOUR FIRST 30?

The diets you’ve tried in the past have failed you.

Let me explain. The diets you’ve tried in the past have failed you, you haven’t failed them. They’ve left you feeling restricted and unhappy, and then you gain the weight right back…plus some.

It’s time to end that cycle.

By the end of Your First 30 you will have:

Identified the obstacles that have been keeping you from getting healthy

Developed a better relationship with food

Learned a balanced approach to eating healthy

Gained the knowledge and empowerment you need to make healthy decisions in your nutrition.

During the Your First 30 program you will receive

  • Live Q&A’s every week with coach Dana
  • Private FaceBook community for support/continued education
  • Weekly education emails
  • Actionable weekly goals and self-reflection activities
  • Ultimate grocery shopping guide so you can easily and confidently plan meals, shop and create healthy balanced meals.

Stop living your life hopping from one diet to the next.

Diets don’t work!

Join Your First 30 today and learn how to get healthy… for good!

What my Clients are Saying.

In January of 2019, I started my year with Your First 30. I thought I was going to be joining a group like others before that would spend the 30 days of the challenge restricting and eliminating foods to lose weight. I was wrong. This group was entirely different. CVN was dedicated to teaching us how to examine our relationship with food, to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, and to make the choices that will most benefit our bodies while maintaining a livable lifestyle. In the past, when a challenge ended, I felt unsure that my results would last. Today is day 30, and I know that my relationship with my body and the food I eat has been forever changed. Thank you.

Kate B.

For someone who has tried so many ‘diets’, seen a lot of doctors, been active, I thought sure… one more thing, what can it hurt? Truthfully, it comes down to the information; being educated. The more you learn the more you instill that information into your day, the more success you will see. Maybe it will start with your mental perspective which can lead to more successful days, like me! YOUR First 30 is definitely worth the help that surrounds you, the information, and hearing how others struggle too. YOUR FIRST 30 helped me with all of those things! I definitely recommend!

Dakota P.

Dana’s First 30 class was great and I highly recommend it. She sent us emails weekly on different topics that were very educational and challenged me to dig deeper into my personal nutrition journey. The educational piece was a very good reminder and helped me make small and easy changes. Dana was also very available for conversation through email or phone for me to ask questions concerning my own journey. She helped me get to the root of some things in my own personal journey and I was able to make changes. I enjoyed hearing from others in the group on their own nutrition journeys and it made me realize I was not alone. Thank you, Dana, for educating me and for the reminders of things I had easy forgotten about but needed to make changes on. I also appreciate your feedback and willingness to help.

Kristy S.

I participated in Your First 30 in January 2019. It’s kinda funny, but now, when people talk about “they can’t have this or can’t eat that because it’s ‘bad’” or they have cheat days on Saturday I want to speak up and talk about nutrition and how every day can be a good day and that foods aren’t bad!!!! They will say “Well we know Dana isn’t eating cookie cake” and I’ll say “You’re wrong. I’ll have a piece, but I just make sure I balance my food for the rest of the day.” The looks I get are pretty great!

Dana J.

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Still not convinced this is the right vehicle for you to get healthy? Mastering the first 30 days sets you up for lasting success. Shift your perception of healthy eating, your relationship with food and create healthy balanced habits.

What you’ll get:


        • Weekly Coaching, Support & a LIVE Q&A with Dana $500
        • Weekly Nutrition & Mindset Education $47
        • Private Online Group $57
        • Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide $47

Total Program Value $651

If you were to hire me for the month to provide all this to you the cost would total over $600, but here’s the reality, I know the first 30 days is the hardest and I know that without a solid foundation you won’t see the lasting success you desire, so I’m giving this program to you for $97.

There’s nothing stopping you, so take a confident leap into your healthy future today.